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Dr Louise Raw

Writer, broadcaster, historian

History. But different.

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DNA Journey, ITV

March 10th, 2021

I've really enjoyed filming with Jamie Redknapp, Freddie Flintoff, Martin and Rowan Kemp and the DNA Journeys team on these surprising, moving 'journeys' into family history

Both episodes can be watched on the ITV Hub after going out live

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Telling the story of us

The stage of history is crowded with actors, but the spotlight generally  focuses only on a handful. It's time we illuminated the fascinating, surprising, inspiring lives of the people waiting patiently in the dark!

I've spent 20 years collecting the stories of extraordinary 'ordinary' people throughout the centuries to tell in print, on radio, on television and in schools and on taught courses.

My work on the Bryant and May Matchwomen changed the way the modern trade union movement was understood- it was actually begun by young women and girls, regarded by their supposed betters as the 'lowest of the low', but who changed the world for working women, using sisterhood and long hatpins!

'History the way it should be told!' Robert Elms, BBC Radio London

'I don't want to hear any more about an old white king who killed his wives! I want to hear about women like the matchwomen' - Student, CMJ College, London

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BBC TV's The Victorian Slum

Such a great show to work on both as a historical consultant and 'on camera', and and a favourite with many of you, this 'reality history' show is now on BBC4 and BBC iPlayer

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